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Turkish Navy takes delivery of first LST (TCG Bayraktar)

The Turkish Navy took delivery of its first of two forthcoming tank landing ships/land ship, tank (LST) from ADİK Shipyard in Tuzla on Saturday, April 22 – the TCG Bayraktar (L-402).

The induction ceremony was presided by Turkish defence minister, Fikri Işık, the head of Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) Dr. İsmail Demir, and Turkish Navy officials, including the Commander of the Turkish Navy, Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu.

The Turkish government celebrated the 70%+ domestic input made towards the LST program.

The TCG Bayraktar was launched for sea trials in October 2015 and completed them in mid-April. Its sister ship, the TCG Sancaktar, was launched for trials in June 2016. As per Navy Recognition, it has a displacement of 7,125 tons and overall length of 138.75 m. It has a top speed of over 18 knots.

The TCG Bayraktar is equipped with a complete sensor suite – including the Thales SMART-S Mk2 radar – coupled with Havelsan’s GENESIS combat management system. It is armed with two 40 mm cannons, two close-in-weapon-system (CIWS) guns, and two 12.7 mm remote weapon stations.

The LST can carry 350 troops and up to 1,180 tons in vehicles – including main battle tanks –  and supplies. There is also a landing pad sufficient for a 15-ton naval helicopter. It also has four landing craft, vehicle, personnel (LCVP), each of which can travel at more than 20 knots and carry 8-tons in payload.

Notes & Comments:

Turkey is in the process of modernizing its amphibious capabilities. In tandem with the two LSTs, Turkey is also constructing its first landing helicopter dock (LHD), the TCG Anadolu. The SSM issued a contract to FNSS to produce 27 ZAHA armoured amphibious vehicles. The TCG Bayraktar and TCG Sancaktar will replace the Turkish Navy’s older Bayraktar-class LSTs, which are refurbished ex-U.S. Navy LSTs.

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