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Turkish Aerospace Industries delivers 2 Anka-S to Turkish Forces

On 08 April, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) announced that it delivered two Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), raising the TSK’s Anka-S fleet to six UAVs.

The TSK began receiving the Anka-S in February.

The Anka-S is equipped with a satellite communication (SATCOM) terminal, thus enabling for long-range and beyond-line-of-sight operations. In terms of specifications, the Anka-S has an endurance of 18 hours, flight ceiling of 23,000 ft and payload capacity of 200 kg.

In total, the TSK now operates 52 UAVs – i.e. six Anka-S and 46 Bayraktar TB2.

The Anka-S forms TAI’s close air support (CAS) offerings along with the T129 ATAK and Hürkuş-C. With the support of the Turkish government, TAI is actively marketing its attack solutions internationally, especially to prospective markets in the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

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