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Turkey inducts UMTAS anti-tank guided missile into service

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) formally inducted the Roketsan UMTAS (Uzun Menzilli Tanksavar Sistemi) anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) into formal service.

Turkey’s state-owned news agency Anadolu Agency reports that the Turkish Army acquired one UMTAS launching system with eight UMTAS ATGMs one June 02.

Also designated the Mizrak, the UMTAS is a semi-active laser-homing ATGM with a range of 500-8,000 m. Weighing a total of 37.5 kg, the UMTAS can be tipped with a tandem anti-tank warhead or a high-explosive blast fragmentation warhead. Roketsan says the UMTAS can also utilize an imaging infrared seeker.

The TSK intends to make the UMTAS its mainstay ATGM, not just by the Army – where it will be the main weapon of the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) T129 attack helicopter – but with the Air Force and Navy as well.

The TAI Hürkuş-C close air support and counterinsurgency attack aircraft successfully test-fired an UMTAS ATGM in April. The Temren anti-ship missile is thought to have been developed from the UMTAS.

Turkey’s Undersecretariat of Defence Industries (SSM) is also marketing the UMTAS for export. Currently, Pakistan is among the countries the SSM and Roketsan see is a possible market for the missile.