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Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering begins posting exports

Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering (KAE), a joint venture between Aselsan and Kazakhstan Engineering, has posted its first third-party sale of thermal sights, IHS Jane’s reports.

In November 2016, KAE signed a USD 5.8 million order for Python and Boa thermal weapon sights, which were developed by Aselsan. Aselsan claims that the Python and Boa “provide high performance thermal imaging” with “low energy consumption … [for] extended time of operation.”

The Python and Boa use uncooled microbolometer technology. With 3x magnification, the Python can be equipped onto small arms (MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails). The Boa is a heavier sight meant for sniper rifles and heavy machine guns, it has 6x magnification.

Notes & Comments:

KAE was founded in 2013. Aselsan and Kazakhstan Engineering opened a USD $44 million production plant for manufacturing Aselsan products, such as the Python and Boa thermal imaging sights. 50% of KAE is owned by Kazakhstan Engineering, 49% is owned by Aselsan, and the remaining 1% is owned by the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. In 2013, Aselsan said it would aim to export USD $1 billion in products in Central Asia through KAE. KAE is also manufacturing Aselsan’s 4700-series radio systems.

Besides Turkey, the South African industry – specifically Paramount Group – is also engaged in Kazakhstan. Like Aselsan, Paramount Group is partnering with Kazakhstan Engineering, but to offer its Marauder and Mbombe series of armoured vehicles to the Kazakh and Central Asian markets.

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