Pakistan orders 4 Leonardo AW139 utility helicopters
November 17, 2017
Leonardo AugustaWestland AW139 search and rescue helicopter. Photo credit - Leonardo

Pakistan orders 4 Leonardo AW139 utility helicopters

At the beginning of August, the Government of Pakistan ordered four AW139 utility helicopters from the Italian defence giant Leonardo. According to the Pakistani news channel Dunya News, two batches of two helicopters each will be delivered over the next 18 months. The AW139s will be used for transport and emergency medical services (EMS) purposes.

Notes, Comments & Analysis

While not confirmed, the wording of Leonardo’s press release suggests that this recent order is a follow-on order to a Pakistani AW139 order made in May, where the platform was selected to take on search and rescue (SAR) work in various parts of the country.

It appears that Pakistan had selected the AW139 as its principal civil utility helicopter – i.e. its platform for SAR, EMS, VVIP transport, etc. The Pakistani government already operates 11 AW139s.

According to Leonardo, 240 customers across 70 countries had ordered 960 AW139s, making the AW139 a heavily used and widely adopted platform. The AW139’s unit price has generally been cited to be in the $10 million U.S. range, which positions it as a very affordable general purpose helicopter.

It will be worth see if Pakistan rationalizes its civilian helicopter needs by standardizing on the AW139, which could be a worthwhile addition for other government bodies (e.g. law-enforcement agencies). A sufficiently sized fleet could warrant a domestic maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) base.

  • Sami Shahid

    well this helicopter can be used in Siachen as well

  • Mazhar

    Hello Sami, due to very thin air at Siachin only French LAMA helis are capable flying that high. If Mr.Bilal can shed some light on these helis’ high altitude performance. Design of these choppers look more utility at low altitudes.

    • Mohsin E.

      The service ceiling of these choppers is 20K feet. Siachin base is on Saltoro, elevation 25K ft.

      • Mazhar

        One of my friend (school days class fellow) served one year at Siachin, he told me about LAMAs.

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