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Saudi MH-60R Deal Now in Effect

August 30 2015

In May 2015 Saudi Arabia requested a sale for 10 MH-60R ‘Multi-Mission Helicopters’ with spare-parts and logistical and maintenance support for $1.9bn U.S. On August 27 2015 the U.S Department of Defense awarded a $11.8mn contract to Science Applications International Corp to provide “weapon systems support and sustainment” for the Saudi order.

The MH-60R is a variant of the SH-60 Seahawk, which itself is a variant of the venerable UH-60 Blackhawk utility helicopter. The MH-60R will be deployed with the Saudi Navy, and it is capable of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) through the use of Mk.54 air-launched torpedoes.

Saudi Arabia is one of America’s largest importers of modern weapons. The country imported close to $2.5bn US in weapons since 2010 (SIPRI) and has tens of billions of dollars worth of systems on order.

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