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Roketsan “Bora” ballistic missile reportedly nearing completion

Turkish news outlets (e.g. Milliyet) are reporting that Turkey’s indigenous ballistic missile program – the Roketsan “Bora” – is nearing completion.

Notes & Comments:

Outside of its existence, verifiable information of the Roketsan Bora is scarce. Thus, range, guidance, and delivery systems are not known. However, Turkey is building a comprehensive portfolio of guided stand-off range munitions, such as – among others – the SOM air launched cruise missile, Atmaca anti-ship missile, and TRG-122 artillery rocket.

Considering the scope of Ankara’s indigenization push, the notion of domestically sourced ballistic missiles is to be expected. In fact, a Turkish analogue to a Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)-compliant ballistic missile, akin to the export Iskander, appears to be nearing. The main question for analysts is the prospect of medium-range – or longer – ballistic missiles. Some Turkish news outlets, such as Habertürk, are suggesting that the Bora version that is nearing completion can reach 1,000 km.

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  • by jamshed_kharian_pak
    Posted February 7, 2017 7:37 pm 0Likes

    Support Republic Of Turkey

  • by nob hamid gul
    Posted February 7, 2017 9:13 pm 0Likes

    Along with the robust anti ballistic missile and air defence system, It’s time for Turkey to develop strategic system like long range cruise Missiles and Maneuverable MIRV Ballistic missiles with a range of 2500-3000 km.

  • by Superior Shakeel
    Posted February 8, 2017 3:58 am 0Likes

    Who are they going to use this on?? Greece??
    I don’t think so besides they don’t have any nukes so what’s the use of MIRV?
    if you want to use conventional warhead cruise missiles are hundred times more cheaper and stealthier than a ballistic missile besides ballistic missiles are easily trackable due to high temperature exhaust signature they emit the opponent might take it for a nuclear launch and retaliate in kind and all this is a moot point anyways turkey is a NATO puppet they can’t do anything independent they will do NATOs bidding when they are asked to so what’s the point of anything they do.

    I seriously don’t understand why we Pakistanis think turkey as some sort of saviour or leader they are more beholden to western interest than we ever were china is the way to go.

  • by Steve
    Posted February 8, 2017 3:59 am 0Likes

    This is something we have some expertise in and could start a joint venture with the Turks. It is time for a strategic alliance with Turkey which does not need to be advertised until we are much stronger economically and militarily.

  • by SS_IND
    Posted February 8, 2017 7:01 am 0Likes

    Pakistan is not a member of the MTCR hence cannot sell or develop missile more that 300 km capability.

  • by MT
    Posted February 8, 2017 10:34 am 0Likes

    Pak although not a member but it’s missile manufacturing companies has many shell companies importing most missile components from china. Pak is already sanctioned by USA for missile proliferation from china. So it doesn’t matter if they sell it to Turks.

    According to mtcr annex handbook Pak barely makes 40%of mtcr components and these 40%list includes UAV cruise missile nd many other stuffs which are known to be imported assembled technology.

    Say for eg Shaheen ababeel or any other missile post Shaheen 2have fixed constant diameter 1.4 metre of an Engine resembling long March 1 engine but Pak could never scale up the diameter which post a genuine question mark on pak’s real capabilities to develop solid rocket engine.

    Any reliable publication will take note of Pak real capabilities. So if mtcr (which accept govt propaganda source’s )says 39/91 is made in pak nd that list includes Chinese supplied cruise missile (as Pak name don’t figure in countries that make radar seekers turbo fan engine INS hardwares )nd CH3 copy cat drones then real capabilities of Pak will be some where around 25.

  • by nob hamid gul
    Posted February 8, 2017 12:02 pm 0Likes

    Turkey needs missiles against any misadventure from Iran and Europe. And against the blackmailing from Russia.
    If Turkey is seeking anti ballistic missile defence system than why it should not seek long range missiles?

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