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Namibia will receive its RG32M from Denel by March 2017

South African defence giant Denel Group announced that it is “on track” to deliver eight RG32M mine-resistant armoured vehicles to Namibia.

In its official press release, Denel Group stated that Namibia will receive eight RG32M vehicles and four Self-Defence Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (SD-ROW) by the end of March 2017.

Denel Group claims that the value of the contract is “substantial”, though it is not clear if Namibia’s order for eight vehicles is an initial tranche.

The RG32M is manufactured by Denel Vehicle Systems. The 7,500+ kg vehicle has been used by overseas customers in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The RG32M’s armour can sustain 7.62×51 mm and 7.62×51 mm armoured-piercing rounds. It can protect the crew from the blast of a DM31 fragment mine.

The SD-ROW is also manufactured by Denel Vehicle Systems (under its Denel Mechatronics branch) and weighs 75 kg and can carry 200 kg in ammunition rounds. It can be fitted with a 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm machine gun. Besides providing short-range self-defence, the SD-ROW can also be utilized offensively.

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