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Iran showcases Bavar-373 long-range surface-to-air missile system

Iran recently unveiled the Bavar-373, a domestically built long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, as part of its National Defence Industry Day celebrations on 21 August.

The Bavar-373 launcher is comprised of two square silos, which is interesting considering Eastern land-based SAMs – such as the S-300 and HQ-9 – are generally enclosed in circular canisters. The Bavar-373’s radar system is a – presumably – a long-range phased-array radar.

Comment and Analysis

The Bavar-373 entered development in response to Russia’s unwillingness to transfer the S-300 in 2010. With the easing of military sanctions (following an agreement between the U.S. and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program), Iran should be on track to receiving the S-300 long-range SAM system from Russia, although missile and transportable erector launchers (TEL) were not displayed at its most recent National Day Parade in April (Sputnik News).

The apparent existence of long-range missiles and the S-300’s sensor and command suite could suggest that the two will be paired. However, it is not known if the Bavar-373’s missiles would function in an S-300 battery, though Russia could transfer the requisite expertise and components to make it possible. According to Sputnik News, Russia will complete its S-300 deliveries to Iran before the end of 2016.

That said, as with many Iranian defence programs, outsiders can only speculate on the indigenous content, capabilities, and performance of Iranian defence programs.

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  • by Freebird
    Posted August 25, 2016 12:32 pm 0Likes

    This system is a hoax. It also seems to me interesting that some countries build systems and then look for buying similar systems from abroad. That definitelly shows the unreliability of their own systems. I can examplify that with India, China and Iran.

  • by wmac
    Posted August 25, 2016 2:29 pm 0Likes

    Or you are…

  • by Freebird
    Posted August 26, 2016 3:10 am 0Likes

    What happened to Qaher f-313? Do you have any f**king idea about how difficult it is to shot a fast moving object accuratelly (By fast I mean mach 15-mach 20!) Because that’s the speed of ballistic missiles. Last year Iran was buying s-300, but they were unable to do so. And they have succeed to build one within 12 months. Bulls**t!

  • by Syed
    Posted August 26, 2016 8:26 am 0Likes

    Fake it till you make is an established way to superstardom.India are and Iran are trying to prove it works for super powerdom too…….btw you can cutback on expletives and you would be more believable…..friendly advice from someone who has seen many more moons

  • by Freebird
    Posted August 26, 2016 2:46 pm 0Likes×257.jpg
    This is a comedy for anyone who knows one or two things about military systems. Bavar 373 is no exception as well. Why are Iranian leaders fooling their own people? What will they do if a war erupts? When I look at Iranian army inventory, I see only reliable things are from 1960s and they don’t work since they are out of US made spa
    re parts.

  • by Zoroaster
    Posted August 27, 2016 1:16 pm 0Likes

    What are you talking about? The s-300 was ordered before Bavar’s development even began, Bavar started being developed once s-300’s delivery was banned, At least learn to get some information on a topic before commenting on it.

    As for the Qaher-313, you’re posting picture of what has been called a mockup by Iranian officials many times. You don’t seem to understand design procedure of planes. Mockups are always built. Recently, Iranian defence minister stated that a 1:1 of qaher will be built soon and have its taxi tests.

  • by Zoroaster
    Posted August 27, 2016 1:33 pm 0Likes

    You really trolling, right? Bavar has been in development for 7 years, where on earth are you getting these imaginary numbers like 12 months from?

  • by Freebird
    Posted August 27, 2016 2:29 pm 0Likes

    Ok then I expect you to share real picture of qaher-313 and then I will tell you why it is impossible.

  • by Amir
    Posted August 27, 2016 2:39 pm 0Likes

    Hi wmac. It’s AmirPatriot from Are you the same wmac from the same site?

  • by wmac
    Posted August 28, 2016 6:09 am 0Likes

    Hi Amir!!! Yes, I am…. Damn IMF… They ruined years of work and contribution… I am so pi**ed offfff….

  • by wmac
    Posted August 28, 2016 6:14 am 0Likes

    Qaher 313 is live and according Defense minister of Iran, it is in the stage of engine installation. It is on track and will function as close air support plane.

    Bulls**t is yours. Bavar 373 has been in development for 10 years. It wasn’t done in 1 year. Iran paid for S300 many years ago and why not get it when you have paid for it almost 10 years ago.

  • by wmac
    Posted August 28, 2016 6:14 am 0Likes

    Hi Amir, yes it is me… Is there any forum where I can find and contact you?

  • by Freebird
    Posted August 28, 2016 8:31 am 0Likes

    OK If you have been working on it for 7 years then why were you asking Russians for the s-300’s last year? There is no technology in Iran that can make shooting mach 20 fast flying missle at high altitude possible. I give you an example, Turkey’s yearly military exports is now 2 billion dollars, Turkey receive technological assistance from numerious NATO countries. Turkey itself is co-producer of NATO systems like f-16, f-35. Turkey started to work on stealt fighter and missile defence system in 2015. Missile defence system will go in production at 2023 and stealt fighter will be real in 2030!!!! But even that’s an optimistic scenerio. Even it takes years for US to build such systems. Iran captured an American drone and they build qaher f-313 and now they publicize missile defence system. I think it’s you who are trolling

  • by Zoroaster
    Posted August 28, 2016 9:22 am 0Likes

    You’re a nobody to tell us what is impossible or not. When the Qaher is shown in its taxi flights, trolls like yourself will go hiding under a rock.

  • by Abdul Rashid
    Posted August 28, 2016 6:52 pm 0Likes

    Guys can you kindly refrain from using expletives in your discussion. The usual Quwa Admin policy on such comments is not to approve them and delete them in their entirety. However both you and Freebird make valuable contribution and I trust you are both well-intentioned. For this reason I have edited the expletives and approved your comments but it would make the task easier to be able to read and click “Approve” without having to moderate your input. Thanks 🙂

  • by Zoroaster
    Posted August 29, 2016 5:05 pm 0Likes

    Maybe you should educate yourself in little in this matter before wasting space here with these strange comments. After Russians refused to deliver the S-300 6-8 years ago, Iran not only started the Bavar project but also sued Russia. The court ruled in Iran’s favour not long ago and Russia would have been fined 4 billion dollars, however, recently Iran decided mainly for political reasons that it should void the lawsuit and instead ask Russia to just deliver the S-300PMU2 instead as this was the other option *either that or accept the 4 billion). The PMU2 is more advanced than the original S-300PMU1 in the initial deal. Matter of fact, the Russians even offered the s-400 to Iran but Iran refused it as S-400 was more expensive and would take long time to be delivered (as Russia is current not producing any for export as it is meeting its own requirement) and Iran felt by then Bavar would be produced anyway, thus moving on to the other main reason was Iran has got these few S-300s instead of the 4 billion. It is because Bavar-373 although revealed recently, it will not be mass produced for another year! In the meantime Iran needs something to help cover some of its long range needs. Once Bavar is mass produced you will not see other systems in this class purchased,

    As for your other comment, it shows you lack basic understanding in this topic. It’s not like Iran said Bavar could deal with inter continental ballistic missile in an exo-atmospheric manner. Not all ballistic missile have a terminal velocity of mach-20! Bavar-373 will have anti ballistic missile capabilities in the same way that PAC-3 or S-400 does and not like THHAD or Arrow-3 etc.

    And for the millionth time, Qaher is not a fighter in the class of what Turkey is working on, it is designed as a close air support system, whose 1:1 will be built next year and it will enter years of testing. What does the America UAV captured has to with qaher or Bavar? what on earth are you blaberring about?

    And another fact you seem to be deliberately ignoring is that Bavar-373 has been in development for 6-8 years. How many time do we need to keep repeating this? it’s not like Iran started development last year. Also Turkey has little experience in surface to air missile sector whereas Iran has been on them since the 80’s. Turkey will get help from outside for its Hisar-U system by transferring technology from EuroSam Aster-30 technology transfer, this is news from today. So I don’t understand why you’re comparing Iran to Turkey? They will just import the technology whilst Iran does not have that luxury nor do we want to rely on TOT from the outside.

  • by Zoroaster
    Posted August 29, 2016 5:25 pm 0Likes

    With all due respect to you sir, this user called Freebird is making statements that to me seem to have the intention of trolling. Most of this member’s comment have little basis in reality and are downright irrational. Either this individual is just ignorant of the topic he attempts to comment on or is they’re just want to troll. Calling an achievement of a particular nation a “hoax” without any reasonable backings is a pure trolling and I don’t see how this is in any way a valuable contribution, It is bringing the reputation of this site down. I flagged their original statement as inappropriate, I hope that you will see fit to take action.

  • by Abdul Rashid
    Posted August 29, 2016 7:31 pm 0Likes

    Hi Zoroaster.

    Thank you for your comment.

    First of all, though I am one of the site moderators, I am personally not a defence tech expert so I cannot always accurately assess the veracity of any individuals claims. Having said that, the scope of topics discussed here is so vast that even when we receive expert (or claims to be expert) input there are often disagreements and heated debate. Then there is the issue of personal opinion. What is “irrefutable fact” to one person might be anything but to another person. It would be a damn (is “damn” an expletive, lol? It might be to some) near impossible task to make an assessment of each comment based on how closely it conforms to fact. Instead the moderators adhere to the following guidelines for weighing up a comment:

    (1) Constructive.

    (2) Professional.

    (3) On-topic.

    (4) In the English language.

    Of course even then there is room for subjectivity and personal discretion. All that can e asked of each individual is that they try their level best to adhere to the above guideline and keep the language clean, even when they passionately disagree with another. Disagreement and heated debate is constructive. Swearing and insulting is not. I very much regret if you have been offended by what someone might have posted on the site. We should all try to be courteous. Rest assured we do read each comment before approving and filter out many that are outright offensive and way off topic.

    Regarding the specific comment you have flagged, I will let Bilal Khan take the decision on it. This is his site and he has the final say.

  • by Zoroaster
    Posted August 29, 2016 7:48 pm 0Likes

    I respect all of that and thank you for your reply. All I can do now is ask if you and the site owner feel this member referring to an achievement of a country as hoax is either Constructive or professional? I can provide you with links of respected sites such as Janes international and they never make claims such as this is a hoax etc. They make professional analyses and sometime are biased but never resort to such downright irrational and unsubstantiated claims. Yes people can make subjective statements, but to call things hoax and provide no reasonable explanation will only damage this site’s professionalism and status. Now you do not need to have followed the development of Bavar-373″ for 7 years like I have to feel the initial statement was provocative without any substance. But the final judgement will be of course be made by your team.

    I thank you and wish you and the team a great morning.

  • by Abdul Rashid
    Posted August 29, 2016 8:14 pm 0Likes

    Good question:

    “(Do) you and the site owner feel this member referring to an achievement of a country as hoax is either constructive or professional?”.

    Of course disparaging anyone’s achievement, if that is indeed the intention, is in itself most definitely not very constructive. This where personal discretion of the moderators comes in to play. Most readers will be able to see that the vague opening comment as it stands is an opinion without much elaboration and would take is as such. But the worth of allowing some such comments through is that it allows others to counter it. In this case you have responded and backed up your case with some background detail. There is often not much known about Iranian systems. Many other visitors to this site who might have some misunderstandings about Iranian defence hardware and technology can read your input and form a more informed, balanced opinion
    In short, though any individual comment in itself might be provocative, it can nevertheless be useful in stimulating interesting discussion and debate from which others (like myself) can benefit. But yes, it would be best if comments are carefully worded in a manner that do not negatively provoke others.

  • by Amir
    Posted August 30, 2016 7:57 am 0Likes

    Well there’s Pakistani Dedence Forum… or I could give you a telegram link. Soheil, Haman10 and Lord of the Rings.

  • by wmac
    Posted August 31, 2016 7:08 am 0Likes

    Thanks. See you there.

  • by MT
    Posted September 7, 2016 3:46 am 0Likes

    china india have more advanced industrial capabilities than iran.

    china is already tier1 defence manufacturer.
    .indian weapons go through cag report &;they are accounted.
    who in india doesn’t know that akash is 80era technology while barak8 & s400 are best in SAM & Theater missile defence.

    iran must be appreciated for making all of it despite of numerous sanctions.
    I admire the persian for being self sufficient & their research index which place them among top12 countries at par with turks

  • by MT
    Posted September 7, 2016 3:57 am 0Likes

    boss. 15-20 mach is speed of IRBM in range of 3200-4000km
    Mrbm like of type shaheen3 cant cross 13 mach.

    anyway these are terminal speed in free fall.

    Reentry speed for ballistic missiles are greatly reduced after they hit karman plane.

    you can hit hypersonic missile with faster supersonic AbM given ballistic missile are less maneuverable &;they approach AbM so its head on collision if your navigation control,seekers are precise

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