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IDEAS 2018: Hajvairy Group Partners with Kia Motors to Propose Light Armoured Vehicle to the Pakistan Army

Hajvairy Group, a private sector conglomerate,partnered with South Korea’s Kia Motors to propose the latter’s Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) to the Pakistan Army at the 2018 International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS), which was held in Karachi, Pakistan in 27-30 November.

The Kia LTV (KLTV) was among several light armoured vehicle platforms on display at IDEAS, ostensibly in the running for a Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) program from 2016-2017 under the LightArmed Vehicle Assault (LAVA) program. In IDEAS 2016, the Spanish company UROVESA showed-off its VAMTAC‘High Mobility Tactical Vehicle’ in partnership with Metal Engineering Works.

Hajvairy Group told Quwa that if selected, it would get the KLTV assembled at Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) under a public-private partnership between HIT and Hajvairy Group. Pasha Group and Cavalier Group are also proposing light armoured vehicles under similar arrangements (i.e. joint-production with HIT).

Notes & Comments:

The presence of these vehicles at IDEAS 2018 suggests that a requirement is in place for them, but neither the Pakistan Army or HIT would confirm it in clear terms (besides stating that the armed forces has been procuring such vehicles on a routine basis, and that it will continue to do so).

If pursued, the concept (not necessarily the KLTV, but an armoured vehicle in the 5-to-10-ton maximum weight range) could take on the role of a light armoured personnel carrier (APC) and multi-role platform.

It could supplant the HIT Mohafiz as a rapid-response troop carrier and, potentially, serve as the basis for carrying anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), very short-range surface-to-air missiles, 120mm mortar launch systems, low-level radars, and short-range radio jamming equipment.

Besides proposing overseas designs, efforts are being made to propose original, domestic designs as well.

Granted, Pakistan would still be importing critical components such as engines and transmissions for such vehicles, its progression as integrator does provide some flexibility in terms of choosing cost-effective suppliers and defining capabilities. Cavalier Group’s Hamza wheeled armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) is an example of this, and the company is expanding its portfolio with the 4.8-ton Predator.

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