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Egypt & Russia reportedly sign training agreement for Ka-52 attack helicopter

Egypt and Russia have reportedly signed an agreement to enable Egyptian pilots to train for the Kamov Ka-52K Katran dedicated attack helicopter in Russia.

According to the Russian news outlet Izvestia, the agreement was finalized during the joint Russian-Egyptian Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation.

Izvetia’s source claims that Egypt is in the process of ordering at least 16 Ka-52Ks, which will be deployed from its two Gamal Abdel Nasser-class (Mistral) landing helicopter docks (LHD).

The Mistral LHDs were originally bought by Russia, but the Ukraine crisis prompted France to abrogate the contract. Upon refunding Moscow, Paris sold the Mistrals to Egypt for almost a billion Euros. The first Mistral LHD was delivered to Egypt in June.

Notes, Comments & Analysis:

Egypt has been linked to a Ka-52 purchase as early as December 2015, where it was reported that Cairo had inked a deal for 46 of the dedicated attack helicopters. However, it is important to note that not one of Egypt’s reported acquisitions from been Russia have been officially confirmed or verified. Despite this, a number activities taking place in the Russian defence industry have been linked to Egypt, such as a major contract for MiG-29M2 (or MiG-35s). This agreement, if true, would indicate that Egypt’s Ka-52 order will be entering the production pipeline soon.

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