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Bulgarian shipbuilder MTG Dolphin reveals K-90 corvette

As part of its very first appearance at Euronaval, the Bulgarian shipbuilder MTG Dolphin showcased its newest surface warship design – the K-90 multi-mission corvette (Navy Recognition).

Notes & Comments:

According to Navy Recognition, the K-90 multi-mission corvette can be configured for anti-ship warfare (AShW), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), and anti-air warfare (AAW).

The actual sensor performance and munitions capability will depend on how customers choose to configure their ships, hence the scope of what one could expect from the K-90 is quite broad. It is not known if MTG Dolphin intends to partner with existing vendors to offer a default suite.

The Equatorial Guinean Navy procured a frigate from MTG Dolphin in 2014. The 2,500-ton warship was designed by the Ukraine-based Ship Research and Design Center, though it was built by MTG Dolphin.

The cost of that specific frigate cannot be confirmed, but the Government of Bulgaria’s decision to procure two domestically built frigates for a total of €419 million (i.e. $458 million U.S.), which would include the hull, propulsion, and onboard sensors and weapons, indicates that MTG Dolphin is competitive.

It is not known if this relationship with the Ukrainian design vendor was carried through in the K-90 corvette, though it is worth noting that MTG Dolphin does not advertise design work in its portfolio. In a market that is increasingly crowded with emergent shipbuilders – be it in Turkey, South Korea, India, or Indonesia, cost will be a key element in MTG Dolphin’s competitiveness.

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    Posted October 21, 2016 2:00 am 0Likes

    Can become a contender for India’s next generation missile vessel programme. 6 to be built.

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