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Antonov signs collaboration agreements with TAI, Aselsan and Havelsan

Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov – a firm of Ukraine’s state-owned enterprise Ukroboronprom – signed memoranda-of-understanding (MoUs) with Havelsan, Aselsan and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) at the 2017 International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF), which concluded last week in May.

Antonov’s MoU with Aselsan pushes for bilateral collaboration on sourcing an integrated avionics suite for the An-148 family, which comprises of the An-158 airliner and An-178 military transport aircraft. The MoU calls upon Antonov and Aselsan to meet regularly and to establish working groups.

TAI and Antonov signed an MoU to jointly develop UAVs.

Antonov, Havelsan and Saudi Arabia’s Taqnia Aeronautics Company signed an MoU to jointly design, fit and manufacture a maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) based on the An-132D, which is being co-produced by Antonov and Taqnia Aeronautics Company.

Notes & Comments:

The MoUs come following Ukroboronprom’s decision to open a representative office in Turkey. Analysts speculated that the Ukrainian industry was aiming to benefit from Turkey’s defence electronics vendors, such Aselsan and Havelsan. This is now apparent with Antonov’s agreements with Aselsan and Havelsan concerning the An-158/178 and An-132MP, respectively.

There is also the reality that several of the Ukrainian defence industry’s leading customers, most notably Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, also maintain ties with the Turkish industry.

Specifically, the synergy of binding Ukrainian platforms, such as aircraft, to Turkish electronics, sensors and munitions could be beneficial for all sides involved: Ukraine could draw on modern technologies that strengthen the qualitative attributes of its platforms. End-users would acquire solutions that are tailored to their needs using familiar industry suppliers. Turkey will see sales of its systems through Ukraine.

Ukraine hopes that the qualitative attributes will strengthen the competitiveness of its products in certain markets, namely those accustomed to operating Western equipment. The An-132D (i.e. the base platform of the An-132MP), which is powered by two Pratt and Whitney PW150A turboprop engines and equipped with Western onboard systems, such as a Honeywell avionics suite, is reflective of this effort.

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  • by A1_Shareef
    Posted May 15, 2017 4:27 pm 0Likes

    they should make an MANPAD like the Stinger together!

  • by Aaif khan
    Posted May 15, 2017 4:53 pm 0Likes

    Aren’t you a sami shahid??

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