Comment Policy
April 13, 2024

Comment Policy

We at Quwa invite our readers to submit their thoughts and questions in each of our News, Discussion and System Profile posts.

Every submission by Quwa will be open for discussion for up to five days and at the discretion of its moderating staff. Quwa moderators may decide to keep the comments open indefinitely or to close a topic before the five day period. Readers can request topic re-openings, but the decision will be left to Quwa’s moderators.

We require our readers to ensure that their posts are courteous and void of personal attacks, insults and incitement against their fellow readers as well as people of other nationalities, religions and ethnic origins. We also urge our readers to be on-topic as possible. While tangents are to be expected (and will be accommodated for by the moderating team), frequent and/or complete deviation from the subject matter of the original post (i.e. News, Discussion or System Profile) will require moderators to block concerning posts. In order to ensure the rules are implemented, comments will be reviewed by Quwa’s moderators before appearing on the website.

If in line with Quwa’s discussion rules, the post will be approved within 24 hours at the latest (usually much sooner). Readers with high-reputations or an impeccable record of adhering to Quwa’s rules will be awarded with the right to post directly without pre-moderation. Readers may request this, but the decision will be left to the discretion of Quwa’s moderators. The status can be removed at any time. Personal attacks and provocation of any kind against specific readers or staff will result in the deletion of posts and possibly a ban (at the discretion of Quwa).