Pakistan acquired Instalaza Alcotán-100 anti-tank rocket systems
February 22, 2024
Photo credit: Instalaza

Pakistan acquired Instalaza Alcotán-100 anti-tank rocket systems

In its 2015-2016 report, the Pakistan Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) disclosed that the Pakistan Army bought recoilless Alcotán-100 anti-tank rocket systems from the Spanish defence vendor Instalaza

In an order valued $24.75 million U.S., Pakistan ordered 158 VOSEL (M2) fire control systems and 1,413 Alcotán AT (M2) 100 mm anti-tank rockets.

Instalaza lists the VOSEL (M2) as a reusable fire control unit with an integrated night vision-capable system that provides the gunner with a “future aiming point to maximize … hit probability” against moving targets. As per Instalaza, future aiming is attained by calculating the target’s position and trajectory, measuring the propellant temperature and calculating the projectile trajectory.

The Alcotán AT rocket has an effective range of 600 m and can penetrate up to 700 mm in steel armour and explosive reactive armour (ERA). Combined, the VOSEL (M2) and Alcotán-100 weigh 14.5 kg (with the Alcotán-100 weighing 10.5 kg).

Notes & Comments:

Instalaza marketed the Alcotán-100 at Pakistan’s biennial defence exhibition, IDEAS, in November. It had partnered with the Pakistani company Metal Engineering Works to market the system in Pakistan.

Unlike the Saab Carl Gustaf M3/M4 and even Instalaza’s C90, the Alcotán is a single-shot/use system. In other words, the rocket and rocket-launcher are one munition; once the rocket is fired, the launcher is discarded. However, the VOSEL (M2) sight is reusable. The advantage with these kinds of systems (as advertised with the similar Saab AT4) is that a single-shot system is cheaper – and simpler – to manufacture. Despite being a large-calibre munition (i.e. 100 mm) it is also relatively light, enabling the user to ferry the same by foot.

Munitions such as the Alcotán-100 are infantry-use weapons for multiple threats including, among others, enemy vehicles and bunkers. The optional Alcotán BIV (M2) and Alcotán ABK (M2) munitions provide dual anti-armour and fragmentation and anti-bunker capabilities, respectively.