Nurol Makina inks Ejder Yalcin vehicle order to North African country
February 29, 2024
Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin. Photo credit: Nurol Makina

Nurol Makina inks Ejder Yalcin vehicle order to North African country

The Turkish defence vendor Nurol Makina has finalized its first Ejder Yalcin tactical vehicle export sale to an undisclosed North African country.

Nurol Makina did not provide the number of vehicles sold, but Defense News reports that the sale includes “a comprehensive integrated logistical support package.”

Thus far, Nurol Makina sold 250 Ejder Yalcin to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and Turkish police, which have deployed the vehicle for various internal security tasks, including counterinsurgency (COIN) missions in southeast Turkey.

As per Nurol’s general manager, the company is now focused on securing additional export orders.

Notes & Comments:

The Ejder Yalcin is a 4×4 vehicle with a capacity of up to four tons. It can carry up to 11 personnel, providing a “high level” of ballistic and mine protection (including protection from improvised explosive devices).

With a V-shaped hull and optional cage and add-on armour protection, the Ejder Yalcin can be utilized as a mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle.

End-users can optionally equip the Ejder Yalcin with weapons including, among others, remote-controlled weapon stations, 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine guns, or a 40-mm grenade launcher.

Like some of its competitors, such as the Paramount Group Marauder, the Ejder Yalcin can be configured for multiple roles, including armoured transport, ambulance/medical evacuation and very short-range air defence, among others.

Nurol Makina is a company of Nurol Holding, an industry group comprising of construction, real-estate, tourism, technology as well as industrial and defence manufacturing companies. Nurol is a 51% owner of FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş., one of Turkey’s leading suppliers of armoured personnel carriers (APC) and infantry fighting vehicles (IFV).