Pakistan integrates JF-17 with stand-off range weapon (GIDS REK)
June 2, 2023
Photo credit: Pakistan Aeronautical Complex

Pakistan integrates JF-17 with stand-off range weapon (GIDS REK)

On the day that it celebrated its achievement of overhauling 1,000 aircraft, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) quietly announced that the JF-17 was integrated with a stand-off range air-to-surface weapon.

Notes & Comments:

The munition in question appears to be the Range Extension Kit (REK), which is produced and marketed by Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS).

The REK is a kit for converting MK-80-series general purpose bombs (GPB) into satellite-aided inertial navigation system (GPS/INS)-guided bombs. In addition to the guidance unit, the REK is comprised of a tail-unit with aerodynamic control surfaces and glide wings. As per GIDS, the REK has a range of 50-60 km and accuracy of less than 20 metres circular error probable (CEP).

The GIDS REK is analogous to the U.S. Joint Direct Attack Munition Extended Range (JDAM-ER) and Turkish Tübitak Sage Wing Assisted Guidance Kit (KGK). The PAF’s JF-17s will utilize the GIDS REK to target fixed installations at long-range and, if need be, under adverse weather conditions.

The PAF JF-17 is also equipped with the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) C-802A anti-ship missile (AShM). The C-802A AShM has a range of 180 km. Besides the REK and C-802A, the PAF stand-off range weapon arsenal also comprises of the Mectron MAR-1 anti-radiation missile, H-2 and H-4 glide bombs (i.e. Denel Dynamics Raptor-I/II), and Ra’ad air-launched cruise missile (ALCM). It is not known if and/or when these munitions will be integrated onto the JF-17 platform.

In terms of short-range strike, the PAF’s JF-17s will be equipped with the Aselsan ASELPOD targeting pod. It is likely that this will be accompanied by laser-guided bombs (LGB), though laser-guided rockets and missiles could also be possible. The industry shift to dual-mode INS/GPS and laser-guided bombs, such as the Lockheed Martin Paragon and Roketsan Teber, may also be an option for the PAF.

Global Industrial & Defence Solutions Range Extension Kit

Photo credit: Global Industrial & Defence Solutions