Turkey’s Aselsan markets naval subsystem solutions
November 29, 2023

Turkey’s Aselsan markets naval subsystem solutions

The Turkish vendor Aselsan showcased its up and coming naval subsystems at Euronaval 2016 last week.

These solutions comprised of the following:

TORK Hard-Kill Torpedo Countermeasure System

The TORK is a hard-kill system, meaning, it is designed to intercept and neutralize incoming torpedoes. The system can be deployed from surface warships and submarines. The hard-kill munition will neutralize the threat by detonating in the immediate vicinity of the incoming torpedo. As per Aselsan, the TORK can be utilized against acoustic-guided, wire-guided, unguided, and slipstream-guided torpedoes.

ZOKA Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasure Decoy

The ZOKA decoy can be deployed from surface warships and submarines. As the name suggests, its core function is to serve as a decoy for incoming torpedoes but does so by attempting to spoof the threat via maneuvering and active acoustic jamming.

HIZIR Torpedo Countermeasure System

The HIZIR is a countermeasure suite for surface warships. It is comprised (along with other systems) of a torpedo detection array, towed decoy, and acoustic jammer.

ASIST Electronic Support Measures System (?)

An official profile for the Aselsan ASIST is not available online, but it appears to be an electronic support measures (ESM) system designed to monitor the acoustic spectrum. The ASIST can be deployed from a range of platforms including submarines, aircraft, and surface warships.