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December 11, 2018

Quwa Premium

Complete Insights of Pakistani Defence Issues

You will get timely, objective and thoroughly researched information and analysis of Pakistani defence news in all domains.

Subscribing to Quwa Premium will provide you with unique benefits, including:

  • Airtight research through exhaustive review of open-source information.
  • Substantive analyses based on factual and accreditable/verifiable research.
  • Guest commentary by retired armed forces personnel, journalists, researchers, etc.
  • Strong projections for near-term and long-term Pakistani defence activities.

You’ll get access to timely, informed and comprehensive defence news and analysis work for an accessible price of only $9.99 USD per month (or $99.99 USD per year) with no contracts and with unlimited access to all past work. Subscribe today! 

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Leverage this timely coverage and analysis to keep atop of the latest in Pakistani defence industry, policy and procurement activities.

Timely News Coverage

Keep up to date with the latest in Pakistani defence news across all of its domains, be it the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan’s defence industry or Pakistan’s nuclear and strategic developments.

Benefit from thorough reviews of every available open source channel – from state-owned news websites, defence industry press releases and foreign language news reports – to secure information. These are not “scoops”, but credible information attributed to verifiable sources which you can access.

In-Depth Analysis & Commentary

It isn’t enough to just read information.  You’ll benefit by seeing connections between today’s news to all relevant information from the past. You’ll identify wider trends, discover underlying patterns and form clarity about the future of Pakistan’s defence activities and security policies.

You’ll join an informed and dynamic discussion of Pakistan’s activities, but grounded in facts. This will equip you with firm foundations for your own research and analysis work.

Leverage a Pakistan Defence Analyst

Bilal Khan – Quwa’s founder and principal researcher, analyst and writer – has been providing coverage of Pakistani defence issues since 2015. He earned a Master’s in International Public Policy and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

Bilal had also interned at one of Canada’s leading foreign relations institutes, the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), while benefiting from mentorship and guidance from leading Canadian academics, think-tank research fellows, former diplomats and thought-leaders.

A Trustworthy Pakistan Defence Journal

Be it the make, model or number of Pakistan’s defence assets, the long-term goals of its state-owned arms suppliers or how macroeconomic trends can affect its procurement, you’ll have us as your resource for questions and inquiries.

Join hundreds of global citizens drawn from academia, the defence industry, media and government. You too can acquire a competitive edge in your work by leveraging the heavy-lifting research, analysis and commentary done at Quwa.

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