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June 20, 2018

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Quwa launched in 2015 with the aim of providing an accessible and insightful understanding of defence and security issues, especially in Pakistan. In the two years since, Quwa has had the immense honour of providing content to thousands of daily readers from many countries and backgrounds.

Quwa Premium is an extension of that effort. We want to elevate the quality of our content and to focus our output to closely align with the interests of our readers. You will benefit from high-quality analysis on Pakistani defence issues and coverage of relevant defence exhibitions and other events.

For $9.99 USD per month, Quwa offers its Premium Subscribers exclusive in-depth research and analysis work through:

  1. Two 1,500+ word analysis article every week on current Pakistani defence issues with insights from various angles (e.g. economic development, foreign relations and more);
  2. One monthly 4,000+ word report on a marquee Pakistani defence issue (e.g. long-term naval development);
  3. Original news coverage and exclusive multimedia from defence exhibitions, such as IDEAS in Karachi.

There are no refunds, however, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time through your account portal.

Annual: Upon request, an annual option for $99.99 USD per year is also available (with invoice on-request).

If you are unsure, you can receive free excerpts (300-500 words) from us by signing onto the Quwa Daily email list using the form on the right-hand side (desktop) or bottom of your screen (mobile). You will begin receiving excerpts from the following Friday onwards. You can also request previous excerpts by emailing us at premium@quwa.org.

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