Quick Facts on Pakistan’s Next-Gen Fighter Program
March 30, 2020

Quick Facts on Pakistan’s Next-Gen Fighter Program

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) formally started its fifth-generation fighter program (FGFA) in July 2017 as part of Project Azm.

For the PAF, its FGFA program is an attempt to not only acquire a next generation fighter, but to manufacture a high-performance fighter domestically with as little foreign support as possible.

According to the 2017-2018 Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) yearbook, the FGFA went through its first “conceptual design phase.”

The FGFA design will go through three more cycles within the conceptual design phase.

Currently, the Air Staff Requirements (ASR) of the Project Azm FGFA are that it should be a twin-engine design with supercruising.

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